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OOB - Codes
12/7/05 Clarification and additional info provided by Gen. Ken Miller - AoS Click Here
12/23/200 Bob Weir provided a further clarification. Thanks Bob. Click Here

L=leader-2=?-1=?-239=picture#-Col. James Pettegrew=name 


L 2 1 239 Col. James J. Pettegrew


U=unit-500=men per unit-1=quality-I=infantry-M=weapon type(musket) 1=?-8=?-26th S.C.=name


The last two numbers 1-8 are the unit picture and something else...don't know which is which. Hank uses the same picture for all rebel infantry as well as the same for all cavalry and all arty.


U 500 1 I M 1  8 26th S.c.



U=unit-4=guns per unit-2=quality-A=arty-K=weapon type(6lber)-32=?-12=?-20th N.C.=name


U   4 2 A K 32 12 20th N.C. Arty










infantry weapons


k(lower case)=mixed arms

R=rifle musket



arty weapons

K(upper case)=6-lber



these are the codes for all the weapon types that HPS uses


Letter Weapon
A Repeating Rifle
a 42 lb. Rifle
B Breech loader
b 12lb Mtn How.
C Carbine
c 7" Brooke Rifle
D 32 lb. Smoothbore
d 13" Mortar
E 32 lb. Rifle
e 24lb Coehorn Mortar
F 10 in. Columbiad
f 18 lb. Rifle
G 24 Lb. Siege Gun
g 8 in.
H 12 lb. Howitzer
h 6 lb. Wiard
I 42lb Smooth Bore
i 12 lb. Wiard
J 24 lb. Howitzer
j 6 lb. James Rifle
K 6 lb. Rifle
k Mixed Arms
L 6 lb. Smoothbore
l Multiple Arms
M Musket
m 8" Columbiad
N 12 lb. Napoleon
n 24lb Rifle
O Blakely Rifle
o 24lb Smooth Bore
P Pistol
p 8" Dahlgren
Q 12 lb. James Rifle
q 3.67" Sawyer
R Rifle Musket
r 4.5" Rifle
S Shotgun
s 6" Howitzer
T 3 in. Rifle
t 3" Naval Rifle
U 20 lb. Parrot Rifle
u 14lb James Rifle
V 30 lb. Parrot Rifle
v 10" Mortar
W Whitworth Rifle
w 2.25" Mountain Rifle
X 10 lb. Parrot Rifle
x 200lb Parrot
Y 100lb Parrot
y 6.5" Rifle
Z 9" Dahlgren


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