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Shiloh Pittsburg Landing , Tennessee 6th-7th April 1862

Pittsburg Landing , Tennessee

6th-7th April 1862

(Alternate History)

Prelude- The cork was out of the bottle & he knew it. During the fall & winter Albert Sidney had put on a good show, leaked to the press & told anyone who would listen that he was ready for anything the Union could throw at him. In late fall he sent a messenger to President Davis to inform him of the real situation and requested more troops & supplies, they were denied. After poorly situating two forts on the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers inside Tennessee not to violate the neutrality of Kentucky, he reluctantly occupied Boling Green, when he saw that Union forces had violated the neutrality. His forces were greatly outnumbered and exposed in forward positions easily outflanked in the vast territory he was expected to defend. With an overland expedition moving on Nashville & the loss of the forts on the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers withdraw was the only way to save what army he had. Only by abandoning Fort Donelson & Nashville at the last moment was he able to save the troops. For now a concentration was planned at Corinth Mississippi. President Davis having relented released forces from the coast, & gladly sent General P.G.T. Beauregard to be 2nd in command. Union armies under Generals Grant & Buell are converging on Corinth, General Grant’s Army of the Tennessee is encamped along the Tennessee River at Pitt’s Landing and General Buell’s Army of the Ohio is a day or two’s march away.

The stage is set- General A. S. Johnston has his way the Army of the Mississippi will be deployed with Corps abreast, the element of surprise gone after the skirmish on the 5th, however the delays have allowed the Union positions to be thoroughly scouted.  The one question yet to be answered is who will  "Water our horses in the Tennessee River"!

Result(s): Unknown

Location: Hardin County

Campaign: Federal Penetration up the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers (1862)

Date(s): 6 –7 April, 1862

Principal Commanders: Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant and Maj. Gen. Don Carlos Buell [US]; Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston and Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard [CS]

Forces Engaged: Army of the Tennessee and Army of the Ohio (80,650) [US]; Army of the Mississippi (63,850) [CS]

Estimated Casualties: Unknown




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Game Engine: Talonsoft Battleground Shiloh (BGs), 32-bit last version, PBEM only


Instructions: This game is designed for BGS engine (Talonsoft Battleground Shiloh). It does not affect the scenarios provided with the original game.

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Author: "Mr. Herb" Nagel