Gator Alley Battle Record

Last Updated: 30 January 2013

Division Multi-Player Battles are when both the commander and over half of the team are from Gator Alley

Gator Pike completed 22 October 2010 Major Victory after 68 turns

Gator Ambush completed 23 October 2010 Draw after 45 turns

Gator Woods completed 23 February 2011 Major Victory after 33 turns

Gator Scrap completed 2 August 2011 Major Victory after 41 turns

Gator Chat completed 8 April 2012 Minor Victory after 27 turns

Gator Oats completed December 2012 Major Defeat

Gator Advance completed January 2013 Major Victory after 37 turns

Gator Klebbe Ongoing

Gator Clash Ongoing

Gator Round Robin Ongoing

Gator Elite Ongoing

Gator Equal Ongoing

Gator Vengeance Ongoing

Gator Vortex Ongoing

- Maj Vic Min Vic Draw Min Def Maj Def
MultiPlayer 4 1 1 0 1