Army of Georgia


Nulli Secundus – ‘Second to None’


AoG formed – 15 December, 1999

Commander of the AoG
Gen Nick Kunz




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Lt Gen R, J. Harney

4th Engineer Bn

The King Cotton I Corps


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Col Robert Wilson


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Col Prax Swan

Rough & Ready III Corps

Army News

15 May - Lt General Mike Burdulis requested a Leave of Absence from active duty to recover from battlefield wounds.                           21 May - Col Klaus Kuhlmann has been reassigned to command of the German Vols of Chatham's Regulars, I King Cotton Corps.        21 May - Lt Col Clay Livingston has been promoted to command of Chatham's Regulars (1st Division) of the I King Cotton Corps.              22 May - Fld Lt Michael Anderson has been promoted to Captain of the Infantry Corps                                                                         1 June - General Paul Smith has been reassigned to command of the English Hussars of the War Horse Cav Div, I King Cotton Corps.    1 June - Gen Nick Kunz has been promoted to command of the Army of Georgia.                                                                                1 June - Lt Gen Malcolm Hunts has been promoted to command of the III Rough & Ready Corps.                                                          1 June - Col Mark Truitt has been promoted to command of the Chattahoochee Rifles, III Rough & Ready Corps.                                    1 June - Col Lars Magnus has been promoted to Chief of Staff for the III Corps                                                                                     1 June - Gen Smith awarded AoG Honor Cross for service as Army Commander