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Kennon Whitehead's Map Editor


Once again let me remind you that currently the HPS ACW games have the .map files locked out so that only the original files will work within a particular game engine. You can make your own MAP file and load it into the Scenario Editor, it will work fine there and you can create a scenario file with it. However when you attempt to start the scenario file in the game engine you will get an error message. The information provided here is done solely for those who continue to use the old Corinth 1.01 engine which does not lock out custom oob and map files. Unfortunately it also does not have many of the improvements to the engine that have been added since then.



Kennon Whitehead's Map Editor


Kennon Whitehead, a member of the ACWGC has written a Map Editor program that will produce maps that can be used with Corinth 1.01.

Before downloading it you should be aware of some things.

  1. Kennon's Map Editor requires installation of Microsoft's .NET Framework Version 3.0, this is available at the Windows Update site. Version 3.0 is only supported by Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1; Windows Vista; Windows XP Service Pack 2. If you have a Vista machine .NET Framework 3.0 is included as part of the Windows Vista operating system; you can install it or uninstall it using Windows Features Control Panel.
  2. The current version has Help files, currently there seems to be a problem accessing them if you don't use Internet Explorer but they work fine if you go to the Map Editor folder then into the Help folder inside where the Help files are saved as webpages.
  3. At this point in time it doesn't work with Vista, something about Vista not allowing it to install a needed dll file. More information is available at Kennon's download site.

You will find Kennon's Map Editor program


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